Every website you see on the internet is hosted somewhere.
The chart below shows you the difference between hosting with Modern Web Studios and most hosting companies.


What’s included  with Hosting Services?

Easy-To-Use Website Editor (keyword here… EASY-TO-USE)
Gives you the ability to edit your website from your web browser and it’s as simple as using Word to writing a letter to your uncle Frank! SERIOUSLY! (actually, probably easier because sometimes I just can’t find the right words to say to him… he’s so full of puns and sarcasm… anyway, you get the idea. It’s EASY!
Toll Free Access to Real Website Designers for Premium Technical Support !
Premium means we don’t just “Guide you to the support videos” (although many people prefer those because they can watch them and pause them and replay them even at 1am). We will not only walk you through the steps to do whatever it is you need to do at that time, we can and will connect to your computer and help you by screen share. It’s like we’re right there at your computer with you, even if you’re in FRANCE! (we can say that because we have clients in the romantic city).
Toll Free Access to get Real Small Business Advice.
Yes, we will give you our brutally honest experienced opinion on a small business decision you’re facing so you have some additional input to make a more informed decision. Obviously we’re no attorney but we can certainly tell you if something is a BAD idea based on our 25+ years of being in business.
24/7 Website Support complete with Video Tutorials, Informative Blogs and Information to help you market and grow your business!
Website is up and running immediately with usable content
Access to our collection of over 300 Graphics, Banners, and various Design Elements you can just drop in your page to make you look like a Pro-Designer!
Two (2) Fully Editable Animated Message Areas
Pre-Packed Content so you’re ready to go live immediately!
CAPTCHA (Spam Protection for your contact form)
Built-in Design tools that make adding 3-dimensional shadows and glows and animated effects to your website a snap in just two clicks!
Search Engine Optimization Tools and thorough training to ensure you know how to use them effectively!
Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Photos
Unlimited Portfolio/Galleries
No Contracts, month-to-month billing
Access to an AWESOME Support Staff for updates & advice

Additional Features we provide that most hosting companies do not:

  • Weekly Backups made offsite to protect your website in case of an emergency. Offsite is important because you want to ensure there’s a copy of the site in two locations, not just one.

  • Quickly Create Thumbnails Click to enlarge photos out of your large photos in just two clicks!
  • Page Archive ability so you can restore a page to it’s previously “Backed up” version.

  • Offline Mode (take your site offline or under construction with one click.

We like to compare our hosting to other hosting companies with a reference to leasing a building…
Other hosting companies are like a landlord that lives in another state, you pay them and they fix anything that goes wrong (on their schedule, just to satisfy their obligation as a landlord). We’re more like a landlord that lives next door, that’s always available for advice and that comes over to help you unload a shipment once in a while. Long term business relationships… it’s what causes our customers to not only stick around for the long haul, but also refer their valuable friends and customers to us.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us if you have
any questions about hosting (or any of our services for that matter).

888-987-7771 • [email protected]