Our Website Affiliate Plan

Sign Company Websites Affiliate Plan - Offer FREE Websites to Small Businesses in your area!

We can become Your Website Department Today!

You can build your customer reputation!
Expand your services!
Reach new customers!
All with our exciting Affiliate Program!

Strengthen your customer relationships and build new ones by offering more services.
Increase sales of your own products by giving a website to your customer at NO Cost to you!
It’s EASY! No need to learn website programming or html (it’s as easy to use as MS Word)
Includes the Sales Tools necessary to ensure success.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We put a Promotional graphic, banner or special animated link on your website and you post something in your
    front office so your customers can see the new offer.
  2. They go to the explanation page to learn more about the offer.
  3. They call us for ANY questions they might have about getting a website.
  4. They purchase whatever dollar amount YOU require of them to get the FREE website from us.
         (Example: With a purchase of $250 or more)
  5. They contact us or we can contact them to get their website setup once we confirm with you that they’ve met your purchase requirements.

Here are some examples of our “FREE Website” Promotional Graphic Elements:

Page Peel:

This will be an animated peel-away graphic in
the upper left hand corner of your website.

Flyout Tab:

This will be a clickable side button in the
upper right hand corner of your website.

 General Banner:

of $250 or more
This will be a still or animated graphic somewhere on your home page of your website.


Your FREE Affiliate Plan Includes:

• Plenty of Beautiful, modern, fully-functional, website themes to choose from.

• A Complete explanation page for you to refer your customers to (on YOUR website).

• Experienced Sales and Design Staff to answer all of your customers questions before and after the site is setup!

• New websites are setup within 3-5 business days!

• Tech Support and Training so they can start customizing their website immediately!


Promotional Tools:

Here’s a High Resolution Poster
to print out for your front office/showroom
to let your customers know
you offer websites now!

Click Here to download a high res
jpeg to use in printing
a front office display.

Should your customer not need any signs or printing from you and only wants a website,
we will sell them a website and give you a $75 credit for hosting or any upgrades.

*We reserve the right to modify or discontinue this offer at any time.

Sign Company Website Package for Sign Shops that need an inexpensive Website